The Villa Philmonte, the former home of
Waite Phillips, is located on Philmont
property and now a museum.

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  • Philmont Trading Post - Philmont's Tooth of Time Traders stocks everything for backpacking
  • BSA On-line Catalog - order official merchandise
  • Campmor - commercial provider of camping and backpacking equipment
  • Ramsey Outdoor - commercial provider of camping and backpacking equipment

  • REI - commercial provider of camping and backpacking equipment

  • Backpack Shipping Bags -  affordable large laundry bags from

  • Scout Direct - commercial provider of backpacking and camping equipment, offers discounts for scouting
  • AM Embroidery - favored supplier of custom crew gear
  • PPC Outfitters - Patriots Path outdoor store with packages of outdoor gear specifically designed for different ages and different levels of camping.
Tom Munch Click on the image to watch a video of the Colorado Tour and Philmont with original music by Tom Munch
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