1. Is it necessary for each crew to file a National Tour Permit for the Colorado tour and Philmont trek?
Patriots’ Path Council will file a National Tour Permit for each of the Philmont expeditions which will cover all “in Council” contingent crews.  Crews from from Patriots' Path not traveling as part of the council contingent or crews from outside of Patriots’ Path but traveling with a Patriots' Path contingent must file a separate National Tour Permit application with their own Council.
2. What is the Class A uniform for the Colorado tour?
Class A uniform is an unofficial term for the Official BSA Uniform which, as described in the Crew Member Guide's "Uniform Fact Sheet", consists of a BSA shirt with Patriots' Path Philmont Council Patch, a BSA belt, BSA pants (short or long, your choice), BSA socks (again short or long, your choice), boots, and a hat.  A neckerchief is not required. 
3. Is each crew member having 2 full Class “A” uniforms a requirement, or only a recommendation?
All members of Patriots’ Path Philmont contingents must be in the Official BSA Uniform (Class A) for all Advisor Briefings, the Watchu Mountain Adventure in May, while traveling, throughout the Colorado tour, and the first and last days at Philmont in Base Camp.  Two uniforms are recommended for this, but are not required.
4. How much spending money should a youth crew member be given for the Colorado tour and Philmont?
There is no set rule, though generally youth bring between $50 and $100 from home.  Choosing a value should be a family decision.  Naturally they will want to purchase souvenirs during the trip and occasional snacks.  They will not need money for touring or meals while in Colorado and New Mexico since that is included in the fees that have been paid.
5. What items need to be packed for the Colorado tour?
Click for a complete list of items to be packed in your Watchu Expedition Tour (Carry-on) Bag.
6. What are the sleeping arrangements while on tour in Colorado?
Crews will be staying at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.  Each person will be assigned a twin-sized bed in a suite of rooms, generally sleeping four persons.  Each suite will have a bathroom with a shower.  Linens (towels and bedding) are provided. Also download their memo on things you may need to know about your stay at the University.
7. Is there any free time while touring Colorado?
Free time will be very limited due to the jammed-packed schedule of activities planned.
8. Is time available to call home while touring Colorado?
There will be opportunities to call home while touring Colorado.  An inexpensive pre-paid calling card is recommended for convenience in using pay phones.
9. How is the 'certification' that all crew members going whitewater rafting meet the BSA swimming requirement (have passed the BSA swim test) handled?
All advisors are required to know and verify the swimming status of all crew members, youth and adult, and are obligated to restrict rafting to swimmers.  Meeting that requirement is ‘certified’ by the Lead Advisor on the crew's "Watchu Passport". See the summary of requirements in your Advisor Guide mailed on October and posted on this Web site at ‘Administration’.
10. Does the requirement for Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat training apply to all members of the crew, or just the advisors?
The rules come right out of the BSA Guide to Safe Scouting, and apply to the advisors.  The Aquatics Safety section states a minimum of one adult leader must complete Safe Swim Defense training, carry the card and agree to use the defenses.  Safety Afloat states that before a scout group may engage in a trip on the water, adult leaders must complete Safety Afloat training, carry the card and be dedicated to full compliance of the points for safety.  As with all training, exceeding the minimum number of trained participants is strongly recommended.
11. Is any special equipment or clothing needed for the whitewater rafting trip?
Not really, as items of Philmont trail clothes are suitable for the whitewater rafting trip. Hiking shorts and a T-shirt are suitable, though some people wear a swimsuit.  If it’s cloudy and the crew member is on the “thin-blooded” side, a long sleeve poly shirt or light fleece would be appropriate. Rafting “booties” are provided to protect your feet, and wetsuits will be provided if the water is unusually cold (normally they are not needed, and can be uncomfortably warm). Of course, wearers of glasses or sunglasses will need a retainer to keep them on.  A Watchu Mountain Outfitters bandana or the small camp towel is good enough to wipe down with after the rafting adventure, and even that probably is not needed on the typical dry day.  All clothes worn on the river will dry quickly after the rafting trip.
12. Where can I learn more about the Garden of the Gods?
The Garden of the Gods is a very scenic work of nature. We suggest you start by visiting the Garden of the Gods Web site and by downloading a promotional map with lots of information.
13. How should crew advisors manage the Philmont Medical Forms for crew members when traveling to Philmont?
The Lead Advisor is the keeper of the original, intact, completed and unaltered multi-page record, with a photocopy of both sides of the crew member’s medical insurance card, and hand carries the entire crew’s medical records to Philmont.  Warning!  Do not separate or in any way alter the original multi-page Philmont Medical Record.  Philmont will only accept the original unaltered multi-page record.

In addition, each member of the crew should have in their carry-on bag a copy of their record and both sides of their insurance card in case of an emergency during travel to and from Philmont.  A second copy of each crew member’s medical record should be left at home with the family or someone else who will be available by telephone the day of arrival at Philmont AND who has access to a fax machine.  A third copy of the form, including both sides of the medical insurance card, is needed to make a complete set of back-up copies that will be carried to Philmont by a second advisor.

14. How many days and nights is a crew actually on the trail versus while they are touring?
The Patriots’ Path contingents spend two days and two nights traveling to and touring southern Colorado.  On the third day, the contingents will travel to Philmont, which is considered Philmont Day 1.  They will spend the night in Base Camp and then 11 days and 10 nights in the backcountry.  On Philmont Day 12 they will return to Base Camp and spend the night.  All crews will travel back to New Jersey the following day.  The entire trip is a total of fifteen days – three traveling/touring and twelve at Philmont.
15. How long is the bus ride from Colorado Springs to Philmont?
Travel time is approximately 3.5 hours without a stop and depends on traffic and weather conditions.  Plan on an early departure from Colorado Springs and reaching Philmont about 9:15 a.m.