Popcorn   High Adventure trips such as Philmont or Sea Base, as well as activities like the National Jamboree, are expensive but Scouts Pay Their Way.  Many troops utilize Scout Accounts so that Scouts can save money over the years to have available when the time for an adventure comes.  Even if your troop does not offer Scout Accounts, individuals can set up an account with Council or on your own.

Many troops have Scout Accounts, where Scouts can accumulate funds to be used for High Adventure trips and other activities.  Ask if your troop does, and if so, how you might use it – the details do vary!  If your troop does not have a program in place, talk with you Scoutmaster about whether the Troop Committee has considered establishing one so that you and other Scouts can begin to save the funds needed when the time for a high adventure activity comes.
If your troop does not participate in the annual Popcorn Sale in the fall, individual Scouts can sign up for the Single Scout Seller Program and establish an account at the Council Scout Shop.  Funds in the account can be used for Patriots' Path sponsored High Adventure trips or summer camps.  Any balance in the account when the Scout turns 18-years old can be used for education expenses.

Each crew member has an individual Philmont Scout Account with Patriots' Path Council. The Watchu Administrator tracks all payments made on behalf in individual crew members that are accompanied by a payment coupon. Click to download the Payment Coupons or Family and Friends Gift coupons.

Troop and Council Scout Accounts are great for organized fundraisers such as the annual Popcorn Sale, spaghetti dinners or pancake breakfasts, but you can also earn money for your trip by doing chores for your neighbors such as cutting grass, raking leaves, shoveling snow, or washing windows.  Put that money aside in a savings account at the family bank so that you can use it when the time for your Philmont trek or other adventure comes.