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All information relating to the Watchu Experience is posted on the Internet at Bookmark this important site and refer to it often for information about preparing for a Philmont trek, copies of all Patriots’ Path forms and documents, the answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and an on-line version of this guide. The Watchu Experience Web site includes the following pages:

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Quick Start: General information about Watchu and Philmont for those new to the Watchu Experience.

The Watchu Experience: Who is Chief Watchu? What is the Watchu Experience? What is the Watchu Mountain Adventure?

Calendar: The schedule of Watchu and Philmont events, including the Advisor Briefings, the Watchu Mountain Adventure, and travel dates.

Administration: Applications, forms, and payment schedules.

Crew Development: Get your crew up and running like a Swiss watch. What is a Crew Leader? Chaplain Aide? Crew Correspondent? Guia? How should a crew be organized?

Trek Preparation: Well-tested suggestions to get the most out of your Philmont trek and the unique experience it provides.

FAQs: Do you have a question about the Watchu Experience or Philmont? Chief Watchu thinks you will find your answer here.

Training Videos: A series of videos to assist you in learning about equipment and Philmont camping techniques.

Photos: Super pictures of the Watchu Mountain Adventure, the Colorado Tour, Philmont, and Autumn Adventure.

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Site Map: Site contents listed both alphabetically and by topic, and all forms.

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The Villa Philmonte, at Philmont, was Waite Phillips’ summer home.
It is located across the road from Camping Headquarters. Have
your Ranger help schedule a tour and earn the Villa patch while you are in Base Camp.