What is a …?
Those new to Philmont need to know the
definitions of these commonly used terms

Crew - a group of 12 Scouts and Scouters who together train for and undertake a Philmont trek.

Crew Number - a unique designation for each crew, consisting of three numbers for the month and date of arrival at Philmont, a letter for each expedition arriving that day, and a number for the crew within the expedition. For example, 708E2 would be the second crew in the “E” expedition arriving on July 8. Note! - as crews often consist of individuals from more than one unit, troop numbers are not used to identify crews. The Philmont assigned crew number must be used.

Advisor - an adult member of a crew, responsible for training the youth members and their health and safety. At Philmont, the crew will be led by youth, not the adult advisors.

Lead Advisor - the adult member of a crew responsible for all administrative functions and the first point of contact for any of your questions.

Expedition (or Contingent) - several crews from one council who travel together and arrive at Philmont the same day. Patriots’ Path Council sends five expeditions (contingents) of four crews each to Philmont each summer.

Trek - an eleven day/ten night backpacking trip on the trails of the Philmont back country.

Itinerary - one of 35 pre-planned routes through the Philmont backcountry with a variety of program opportunities.