Important Tips
  1. You must know the health and medical status of each member of your crew before you embark on any rigorous training such as day hikes, COPE, camping, and backpacking.  The BSA Annual Health and Medical Record includes two parts to be completed by the participant and family.  Copies of those two parts and a prior physical (summer camp, sports, etc.) will give you that health status information until the Philmont physical is completed.
  2. All Philmont treks are physically challenging adventures and a rigorous conditioning program is absolutely important.  Body weight and blood pressure must be under control and well within the  recommended ranges (not just below the limits).
  3. Crews are led by a youth member called the Crew Leader or Crew Chief, elected by the youth members of the crew prior to the Watchu Mountain Adventure in May.  Throughout the months of crew development all youth members of the crew should be given the opportunity to experience each of the many crew jobs; including the leadership positions of Crew Leader, Chaplain Aide and Wilderness Pledge Guia.
  4. At least one crew member certified in both Wilderness First Aid and CPR must be with the crew at all times on the trail.  The Watchu recommendation is:
    • At least three crew members be certified in Wilderness First Aid and all other crew members be certified in Standard First Aid.
    • All crew members have CPR training.