Advisor Responsibilities

A crew advisor’s primary responsibility is for the health and safety of each member of the crew.

The Watchu Experience provides the framework and time-tested methods to help you prepare and train the members of your crew for a successful trek. Each advisor is expected to attend the four Advisor Briefings, in official BSA uniform, where essential information will be presented to assist you in preparing your crew.

Communication with your crew, including the parents of youth crew members, is critical. Creating a crew family network will allow you to share Watchu Grams and other information by e-mail. Everyone must understand what is expected of them and what a Philmont trek is, especially that it is not "just a hike."

The Crew Preparation Checklist in this guide is an outline of the items necessary for preparing your crew. These items include:

You are also responsible for recruiting Scouts and Scouters so you have a full crew of 12, with no more than 4 over 21-years-old. An unfortunate fact is every year some who plan to go to Philmont must drop out of the contingent, and you should be prepared to fill such openings in your crew, if necessary.

Lastly, the Lead Advisor will work with the Contingent Administrator to make sure all administrative requirements for participation, detailed in the Watchu Passport, have been satisfied.

Do you have questions? The answers to years of advisor and parent questions have been collected in the Frequently Asked Questions on the Watchu Experience Web Site,