Leader Positions in a Crew

Philmont crews are youth-led. A key to a successful trek is for the youth members of the crew to select the most capable of them to be the Crew Leader (also know as the Crew Chief). Throughout the second eight months of the Watchu Experience, it is the responsibility of the adult advisors to make sure that each youth member of the crew is given the opportunity to lead on a shakedown hike or during other activities. Just prior to May’s Watchu Mountain Adventure, the youth members of the crew select their leader – if the advisors have done their job, the youth WILL select a good leader. The Watchu Mountain Adventure will provide opportunities for that youth to take charge of the crew.

Other youth leadership positions in a crew are the Chaplain Aide, who works with Philmont’s Chaplain staff and the Crew Leader to encourage spiritual awareness and growth in the lives of the crew, the Crew Reporter, who works with Philmont’s News and Photo Service to prepare a Press Release for local media after the crew’s return home to promote and recognize their accomplishment and the Wilderness Pledge Guia (Guide). These three positions need to be filled after the Crew Leader is selected and before May’s Watchu Mountain Adventure. There are briefings early Saturday morning for Chaplain Aides and Crew Reporters, and Sunday morning for the Wilderness Pledge Guias . The youth should select who they think will best fit the positions.

Additional information regarding each of these positions and the process of selecting the Crew Leader is available on the Crew Development page of the Watchu Web site.