Watchu Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Watchu Team to assist all of our Philmont advisors in their responsibility to prepare, train, and develop the team skills required to achieve a successful, exciting, healthy, and fun adventure.

We are dedicated to the proposition that Patriots’ Path Council crews will gain the reputation of best in class. Best prepared physically and mentally. Best equipped to cope with the extreme environment encountered on the trail. Best in personal conduct while travelin, on the Colorado Tour, and while at Philmont.

And most of all, best in the application of manners in concert with the Scout Oath and Law. 

On My Honor

Each Philmont trek is a physically demanding backpacking hike at high altitude and in a hot and dry environment.  The goal of the Watchu Experience is to give you the information you need to prepare yourself and your crew so you can meet and enjoy that challenge.