Crews returning from their trek via the Tooth Ridge Trail into Base Camp


Crew Reports

Feedback from previous crews is a valuable resource for the following year's crews. This page is a centralized location to contain the Philmont experience each has as documentd by the Crew Reporter. Contributions from Patriots' Path crews should be sent to

For Crew Reporters Only!
Any Crew Reporter who submits an article to a local newspaper on their Philmont experience and has it published should let us know.  Just send us a copy or a link to your article at  You, and a guest of your choosing, will then be invited to a FREE tour of the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City.

Crew 711-N4 Troop 67 from Summit, NJ
Crew 713-I2 Crew 118 from Clinton, NJ
Crew 713-I1 Troop 555 from Basking Ridge, NJ
Crew 713-I2 Crew 118 from Clinton, NJ

Crew 713-O1 Troop 154 from Bridgewater Raritan, NJ
Crew 715-I4 Troop 140 from Blairstown, NJ
Crew 702-N2 Troop 25 from Madison, NJ
Crew 711-N4 from Bridgewater Raritan, NJ
Crew 630-O1 Troop 41 from Mountain Lakes, NJ
Crew 702-N4 Troop 150 from Bernardsville, NJ
Crew 715-I2 Troop 223 from East Brunswick, NJ Trek 4
Crew 715-I3 Crew 77 from Madison, NJ

Crew 630-J1 Troop 236 from long Valley, NJ Trek 18
Crew 630-J4 Troops 153 & 48 from Wantage & Hamburg, NJ Trek 8 Crew 702-G2 Troop 80 from Cranford, NJ, Trek 23
Crew 711-F1 Troops 77, 33 & 235 from Westfield, NJ, Trek 9
Crew 711-F3 Troop 67 Wharton & Troop 109 Randolph, NJ, Trek 9
Crew 711-F4 Troop 1 from New Providence, NJ, Trek 8
Crew 713-L1 Venture Crew 27 from Westfield, NJ Trek 23
Crew 715-F1 Troop 72 from Westfield, NJ, Trek 13
Crew 715-F2 Venture Crew 80 from Cranford, NJ Trek 21

Crew 630-J3 Troop 41 from Mountain Lakes, NJ, Trek 29
Crew 703-K2 Troop 8 from Chatham, NJ, Trek 27
Crew 711-D3 Troop 113 from Rockaway, NJ, Trek 14
Crew 711-D4 Troop 25 from Madison, NJ, Trek 25
Crew 714-C1 Troop 75 from Cranford, NJ, Trek 24
Crew 714-C3 Troop 73 from Westfield, NJ, Trek 21
Crew 714-C4 Troop 288/Venture Crew 188 from Annandale, NJ, Trek 17
Crew 716N2 Troop 88 from Bridgewater, NJ, Trek 32

Crew 703-R1 from Madison, NJ, Trek 12

Crew 703N1 from Pompton Lakes/Denville/Sparta, NJ

Crew 630-L6 from Long Valley, NJ, Trek 23
Crew 711-E3 from Fanwood, NJ
Troop 25 from Madison, NJ

Troop 7 from Madison, NJ

Crew 701-C14 from Chatham, NJ, Trek 10

Troop 37 from Pearl River, NY