Philmont Guide Matt Rendahl
demonstrating proper water
treatment at Crags Camp.

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Patriots' Path proudly presents a series of short amateur Philmont training videos to help you prepare for your Philmont experience. Many of these training videos would not have been possible without the assistance of the Patriots' Path all-adult Autumn Adventure crew and special contributions of their guide, Matt Rendahl, during September, 2008.

Click on a link to access the video. Nearly all are in the Windows Media (wmv) format and are best viewed with Windows Media Player 11 or higher. CAUTION! The videos are very large files and are not recommended for dial-up users. Also be aware that due to the large size of the files, it may take a bit of time to download before Media Player begins to display the video.

Please note that all of the presented videos may become dated as policies and methods change at Philmont. Always consult with your ranger for the latest procedures and policies available.

Scouting groups should feel free to download and use these Philmont training videos IF these requests are followed:

  1. Don't post on another Web site - provide links instead.

  2. Proper acknowledgment of the videos be should given to Patriots' Path Council when shown to your local group along with providing the URL to the Watchu Experience Web site.

  3. Please, no further distribution of the videos.

If you would like to comment on the videos, send Chief Watchu an e-mail. We would like to hear your thoughts.


*Persons outside of Patriots' Path Council can contact Chester at 203-400-0939 or for pricing options and to order your own supply. 

  • Base Camp Day 1 - see what you can expect upon arrival at Philmont
  • Base Camp - a virtual tour of Base Camp and the important buildings you need to know about
    • Part 1 - Welcome Center, Security, Registration, Logistics and Dining Hall
    • Part 2 - Services Building (lockers, food, equipment, mail and fuel), Silver Sage Activity Center and Laundry
    • Part 3 - Advisors Meeting Room, Tooth of Time Traders, Medical and Chapels
    • Part 4 - Tent City, Shower Houses and Advisors Lounge
Philmont Produced Videos
  • Hiking Boots - tips for finding the right boots
  • Stoves - tips for choosing the right stove for your trek
  • Water Treatment - why and how to treat backcountry water
  • Layering - what to wear to stay comfortable on your trek